META: A Force of Four, part 1:
This is a list of characters from Earth-2 in hopes of helping you with those you may not be familiar with.  Thanks for reading!

POWER GIRL (Kara Zor-L, aka Karen Starr): Earth-2 super-heroine, member of both the Justice Society of America and Infinity, Inc.  Daughter of the late Zor-L and Allura Zor-L.  She was born on Krypton at approximately the same time as her cousin Superman, but her rocket lacked the same sort of warp-drive technology that Kal's had.  Thus, she aged about 20 years in the rocket, having her muscles artificially stimulated to prevent atrophy and mentally existing in an educational fantasy created by Zor-L.  After landing on Earth, she met Superman, was taken in by him and his wife Lois for a time, and, a few years later, made her public debut as Power Girl.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #58)

SUPERMAN (Kal-L, aka Clark Kent): The late first and greatest super-hero of Earth-2, a former member of the Justice Society.  When the planet Krypton exploded in 1916 or 1917, the scientist Jor-L rocketed his infant son Kal-L to Earth.  He was found and adopted by John and Mary Kent, a farm couple, and developed super-powers under Earth's yellow sun and lower gravity.  After the death of his parents and his graduation from college in 1938, he (as Clark Kent) got a job as a reporter on the Metropolis Daily Star, while making his public debut as Superman.   He was a founding member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron.  Later, in the early 1950's (possibly 1952), Clark Kent married Lois Lane and soon afterwards became the editor of the Star.  In 1985 he died fighting the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #1)

LOIS LANE KENT: The widowed former wife of Superman of Earth-2.  Lois Lane is the daughter of Sam and Ella Lane of Pittsdale and became a reporter on the Metropolis Daily Star sometime before Clark Kent was hired.  At first she treated Kent with disdain, interested romantically in Superman alone.  Later, she suspected that Kent and Superman were one and the same.  She eventually married Clark Kent in the early 1950's (possibly 1952), and learned that he was indeed Superman.  Since Clark's death as Superman in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, she has succeeded him as editor of the Daily Star.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #1)

DAILY STAR: The Metropolis  newspaper for which Clark Kent served as a reporter and then as its editor until his death.  Lois Lane Kent is now the current editor.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #1)

METROPOLIS: The large city which, until his death, was home to Superman.  Power Girl now serves as its unofficial protector.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #1)

JIMMY OLSEN: Superman's pal and Clark Kent's fellow reporter on the Daily Star.  He is now co-editor of the newspaper.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #13)

GOTHAM CITY: The large city which is situated across the river from Metropolis.  The late Batman was based in Gotham, as are Power Girl, Green Lantern, the Huntress, Robin, and the entire Justice Society of America.  (1st app: DETECTIVE COMICS #27)

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: The large group of Earth-2 super-heroes, founded in 1940, whose present membership includes the Atom, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hourman, Huntress, Johnny Thunder, Power Girl, Robin, Sandman, Spectre, Starman, and Wonder Woman.   Former members include the two Red Tornadoes and the late Black Canary, Superman, Batman, and Mr. Terrific.  The team originally banded together to thwart Hitler's attempted invasion of Britain.  They retired in 1952 due to an incident involving the Combined Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities, but reformed in 1963 during an encounter with Vandal Savage and have been active or semi-active ever since.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #3)

GREEN LANTERN (Alan Scott): Earth-2 super-hero, founding member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron, husband of the Harlequin, former husband of the late Thorn, and father of Jade and Obsidian, both members of Infinity, Inc.  Alan Scott came into possession of a magical green lantern in a train wreck whose metal was imbued with incredible magic power.  The lantern instructed him to fashion a power ring of its metal, which would respond to his will-powered commands if he charged it once every 24 hours from the battery.  After capturing the person responsible for wrecking the train, Scott assumed the identity of the Green Lantern.  (1st app: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #16)

ROBIN (Dick Grayson): Earth-2 super-hero, member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron, former partner of the late Batman.  Dick Grayson's aerialist parents were killed in an "accident" arranged by crooks trying to force the Haly Circus to pay protection money.  Batman trained Dick to become his crime-fighting partner, gave him the costumed identity of Robin, and helped him bring his parents' murderers to justice.  In adulthood, Dick Grayson became a diplomat in civilian life and donned a new costume to join the Justice Society as a full-fledged member.  (1st app: DETECTIVE COMICS #38)

HUNTRESS (Helena Wayne): Earth-2 super-heroine, member of the Justice Society, former member of Infinity, Inc., daughter of the late Batman and Catwoman.  After her mother died in an accident during a case in which an old associate blackmailed her into returning to crime, Helena became the costumed Huntress to capture her mother's old partner.  She joined the JSA not long afterward.  The Huntress is not to be confused with the criminal Huntress, an old Wildcat foe and member of the Injustice Society of the World.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #69)

PERRY WHITE: Earth-2 reporter and sometime acting editor of the Daily Star in George Taylor's abscence.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #7)

GEORGE TAYLOR: Former editor of the Metropolis Daily Star.  George Taylor hired Clark Kent, Perry White, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen.  In the early Fifties, he chose Clark Kent over Perry White to be his successor.  Later, he learned that Clark Kent and Superman were one and the same, and was killed by a crook in search of the information.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #1)

ALEXEI LUTHOR: Superman's greatest enemy, distinguished from his Earth-One counterpart mainly by his red hair and his possible European extraction.   Luthor first encountered Superman while trying to foment war between two European nations.  Since then, he has had numerous battles with the Man of Steel, and has met Power Girl on at least one occasion.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #23)

THE ARCHER (Quigley): A former big-game hunter who donned a costume and extorted money from wealthy victims, murdering them with a bow and arrow if they refused to pay.  Superman caught the Archer shortly after the latter's emergence, and Jimmy Olsen wrote up the story as his first scoop.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #13)

JIMMY OLSEN OF EARTH-ONE: The Earth-One counterpart of Jimmy Olsen of Earth-Two.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #91)

SUPERMAN OF EARTH-ONE (Kal-El, aka Clark Kent): The Earth-One counterpart of the Earth-Two Superman.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #101)

SUPERGIRL OF EARTH-1.75 (Kara Zor-El, aka Linda Lee Danvers): The Earth-1.75 counterpart of Power Girl.  She and Power Girl first met in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  (1st app:  ACTION COMICS #252)

SUPERGIRL OF EARTH-1.5 (KARA OF ROKYN; Kara Zor-El, aka Linda Lee Danvers): The Earth-1.5, who chose to relocate to Rokyn, the world in her universe settled by survivors of Krypton-1.5.  She now works as an actress and businesswoman.  She met Power Girl and the Supergirl of Earth-1.75 in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which the two Supergirls helped destroy the Anti-Monitor.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252 / "Ring of Fury").

SYMBIOSHIP: A sentient robotic spaceship created by Zor-L of Krypton to convey his daughter Kara to Earth.  Since it lacked the warp-access technology of Kal-L's ship, Kara had to subjectively spend almost 20 years within the Symbioship.  During that time, it artificially stimulated her muscles to prevent atrophy, and fed her mind an educational fantasy of life on Krypton programmed by Zor-L.  She emerged from the Symbioship after its landing on Earth.  Later, it tried to reclaim her and continue feeding her the fantasy of Kryptonian life, but Power Girl destroyed it with some help from Andrew Vinson.  (1st app: SHOWCASE #97)

ZOR-L: Late Kryptonian scientist, father of Power Girl (Kara Zor-L), husband of the late Allura Zor-L, brother to the late Jor-L, brother in law to the late Lora Zor-L, and uncle of the late Superman (Kal-L).  He sent Kara, then an infant, into space in a Symbioship of his own creation just before the explosion of Krypton.  (1st app: SHOWCASE #97)

ALLURA ZOR-L: Late wife of Zor-L and mother of Power Girl (Kara Zor-L).  She died in the explosion of Krypton, along with her husband. (1st app: SHOWCASE #97)

RAO: Kryptonians' name for God, sometimes symbolized in ancient times by their sun.

KRYPTON: The homeworld of Superman and Power Girl, from which they were rocketed to Earth to escape its destruction by the explosion of its uranium core.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #1)

LORA JOR-L: Late wife of Jor-L, mother of Superman (Kal-L), sister-in-law to the late Zor-L and Allura, and aunt to Power Girl (Kara Zor-L).  (1st app: SUPERMAN #53)

JOR-L: Late father of Superman (Kal-L), husband of Lora Jor-L, brother of Zor-L, brother-in-law of Allura Zor-L (all now dead), and uncle of Power Girl (Kara Zor-L).  In order to save his son from perishing in the explosion of Krypton, he sent Kal-L to Earth in a rocket of his own design.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #53)

BADRA: Super-villainess and sole survivor of the planet Hator, a warlike world which was consumed in a final great battle.  Badra had been a princess on Hator, and was catapulted to Earth in a survival chamber by the explosion of her homeworld.  She discovered she had the powers of super-strength, super-speed, and flight on Earth, and committed crimes with a group of female Terran hirelings until Wonder Woman defeated her in battle.  Badra was taken to Transformation Island to be reformed by the Amazons with the aid of training and a Venus Girdle, but the method was not entirely effective on her alien mind and physiology.  Thus, Queen Hippolyte had Badra sent into space in a suspended animation capsule.  Five years before this story opens, an undisclosed occurrence liberated her from the capsule and she began plotting revenge against Earth.  (1st app: COMIC CAVALCADE #25)

MALA: One of three Kryptonian criminal brothers, a perfect lookalike for Superman, who, along with his brothers Kizo and U-Ban, was sentenced to exile in space in a suspended animation capsule by Jor-L and nine other members of the Kryptonian Science Council after trying to conquer the planet with a moisture-sapping device.  Thanks to their exile, all three survived the destruction of Krypton.  A hurtling fragment of Kryptonite smashed through their capsule and revived all three Kryptonians.  They came to Earth, attempted its conquest, and almost defeated Superman with their three-on-one tactics, until the Man of Steel tricked them into fighting amongst themselves and was able to seal them into another suspended animation prison.  In 1954, the threesome escaped their capsule again and Mala carried out an impersonation of Superman, but the real Superman eventually defeated them and sealed them in a capsule lined with low-grade Kryptonite, inducing suspended animation in them once again.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #65)

KIZO: One of three Kryptonian criminal brothers who survived the planet's destruction (see MALA) (1st app: SUPERMAN #65)

U-BAN: One of three Kryptonian criminal brothers who survived the planet's destruction (see MALA) (1st app: SUPERMAN #65)

UNITED COMPUTER CORPORATION: The software company for which Power Girl works in her Karen Starr identity.  (1st app: SHOWCASE #98)

STAR-SPANGLED KID (Sylvester Pemberton): Earth-2 super-hero, brother to Merry, Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks, uncle to Brainwave, Jr., partner of Stripesy.   Founding member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and the All-Star Squadron, former member of the Justice Society,  and current leader of Infinity, Inc.  Sylvester was a teenager when he and his father's handyman Stripesy were inspired to become patriotic costumed heroes by seeing a Bundist demonstration in a movie theatre.   He, Stripesy, and the rest of the Seven Soldiers were displaced through time by a stratagem of the Iron Hand in the early 1950's, but all of them were rescued and brought back to 1972 by the Justice League and Justice Society.  He was later given a Cosmic Rod by Starman, which he incorporated into his belt, and joined the Justice Society in 1976, later teaming with other young heroes to form Infinity, Inc.  He has been romantically linked with Power Girl.  But then again, so have several others.  (1st app: STAR-SPANGLED COMICS #1)

ANDREW VINSON: Gotham City television news reporter who became a friend of Power Girl's early in her career, helped her battle the Symbioship, and aided her greatly in creating her "Karen Starr" identity.  (1st app: SHOWCASE #97)

THE BRAIN WAVE (Henry King): Late Earth-2 super-villain, member of the Injustice Society of the World, husband of Merry, Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks (Merry Pemberton), father of Brainwave, Jr.  Brain Wave had a mutant ability to create illusions, which he refined until he could give them tangible existence.  He became one of the greatest nemeses of the Justice Society, marrying the Star-Spangled Kid's sister under undisclosed circumstances and fathering Henry King, Jr., who became the super-heroic Brainwave, Jr.  He died in battle with the Ultra-Humanite, bequeathing his mental powers to his son.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #15)

WONDER WOMAN (Princess Diana, aka Diana Prince Trevor): Earth-2 super-heroine, member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron.  She was originally a clay statue of a female baby carved by Queen Hippolyte of the Amazons on Paradise Island and given life by the goddess Di Aphrodite, but was named Diana, after the goddess of the moon and hunting.  Diana gained super-strength, speed, and durability as all Amazons do, through releasing brain energy into her body and mind, as taught by Aphrodite, but her powers exceed those of all her sister Amazons.  When American Army Air Force pilot Steve Trevor crash-landed on their island, Diana fell in love with him at first sight.  She fought for and won the right to return with him to Man's World as a representative of the Amazon way of life and peace, and was awarded the costume of Wonder Woman, which name she was given by Steve Trevor.  Later she assumed the identity of Diana Prince, a nurse with whom she traded places, and was given a Magic Lasso and a transparent Robot Plane.  She married Steve Trevor sometime after the early Fifties and gave birth to her only child, a daughter, Hippolyta (Lyta) Trevor, now Fury of Infinity, Inc.  Wonder Woman remains semi-active with the Justice Society.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #8)

PARADISE ISLAND: The island within the Bermuda Triangle to which the Amazons relocated after leaving Themiscrya.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #8)

AMAZONS: A race of women created by the Greek goddess Aphrodite to espouse her ways of love and peace through strength and sexual equality on Earth, and to help oppose the warmongering schemes of Mars.  The Amazons have superhuman strength and speed thanks to Aphrodite's techniques for harnessing total "brain energy".  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #8)

MALA: An Amazon of Paradise Island and one of Wonder Woman's closest friends.  Not to be confused with the male Kryptonian Mala. (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #8)

QUEEN HIPPOLYTE: Queen of the Amazons of Paradise Island, mother of Wonder Woman, grandmother of Fury (Lyta Trevor), mother-in-law to Steve Trevor.  Hippolyte is distinguished from Queen Hippolyta of Earth-One by her brunette hair and the last letter of her name.  She carved the statue of a baby girl which was given life by the goddess Aphrodite and named Diana, after the goddess of the hunt.  Later, after Steve Trevor crash-landed on Paradise Island, Hippolyta staged a contest to see which Amazon would be most worthy to return to Man's World with him, and was forced to yield up Diana when her daughter won the contest.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #8)

THE FLASH (Jay Garrick): Earth-2 super-hero and founding member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron.  Jay Garrick gained super-speed powers in college while inhaling fumes of "hard water" from a dropped beaker.  He created the identity of the Flash to fight crime and, a year later, helped several other heroes during the adventure that saw the formation of the Justice Society occur.  He is presently married to Joan Garrick, and was probably the second super-hero to team with his Earth-One counterpart, Superboy being the first.  (1st app: FLASH COMICS #1)

THE ATOM (Al Pratt): Earth-2 super-hero, founding member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron.  Al Pratt was a college student in 1940 and, being barely over 5 feet in height, was called "Atom Al" by his classmates.  He was beaten up by a hood while his girlfriend looked on one day, but was subsequently trained by champion trainer Joe Morgan (who also trained Wildcat and the Guardian) and developed great, though not superhuman, strength.  He assumed the secret identity of the Atom and became a crime-fighter, joining the Justice Society on their first case and saving the life of President Franklin Roosevelt.  Later, he was exposed to nuclear radiation while fighting the super-villain Cyclotron, which, years afterward, gave him "atomic strength".  He married his girlfriend Mary sometime after 1968.  He is presently a professor at Calvin College (or Calvin University) and is godfather to Nuklon, a member of Infinity, Inc.  (1st app: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #19)

DR. GINSBERG: Karen Starr's boss at Universal Computer Corporation.  (1st app: SHOWCASE #98)

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Multiversal conflict brought on by the battle between the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, involving heroes and villains from many Earths.  Some positive-matter universes perished in this event, as did Superman of Earth-Two, but two Supergirls and Wildfire finally destroyed the Anti-Monitor and brought the Crisis to a close.  (1st app: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #1)

ANTI-MONITOR: Super-villain who was the ancient foe of the Monitor and sought to destroy all positive-matter universes.  He was destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths largely through the efforts of the two Supergirls and Wildfire, with the help of the Supermen, Power Girl, and the Marvel Family.  (1st app: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #2)

ULTRA-HUMANITE: Earth-2 super-villain, foe of Superman and the Justice Society, member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.  Originally a criminal scientist who battled Superman, he gained tremendous intelligence through a scientific experiment and learned how to transplant his brain into other the bodies of other living beings, including an actress named Dolores Winters, a giant ant, and, finally, a great white ape, in which body he currently resides.  The Ultra-Humanite was responsible for the creation of Amazing-Man, who became a heroic member of the All-Star Squadron, and two villains, Deathbolt and Cyclotron, and a formation of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.  He also fought Infinity, Inc. and the Justice Society in the former team's first great battle, and was last seen on a space shuttle, headed towards the sun.  But he is probably not dead.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #13)

INJUSTICE SOCIETY OF THE WORLD: A team of Earth-2 super-villains, foes of the Justice Society since the 1940's and still semi-active today.  Its membership includes the Fiddler, the Huntress (not to be confused with the heroic Huntress), the Icicle, the Shade, Solomon Grundy, the Sportsmaster, the Thinker, Vandal Savage, and the Wizard.  Former members include the late Brain Wave, Per Degaton, and Gambler, and the Harlequin, who was secretly a government agent and has since married Green Lantern.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #37)

DOCTOR FATE (Kent Nelson):  Earth-2 super-hero, member of the Justice Society of America and All-Star Squadron.  Kent Nelson, an archaeologist, was given the Helmet of Order in the valley of Ur by Nabu, a Lord of Order, whose spirit possesses him when he dons the helmet.   Dr. Fate is one of the greatest practitioners of magic among super-heroes.  He is currently married to Inza Cramer Nelson.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #55)

HATOR: The alien planet from which Badra came.  It was populated by a warlike race which finally destroyed the planet in a final battle.  (1st app: COMIC CAVALCADE #25)

VENUS GIRDLE: Devices created from Aphrodite's gold and imported by the Amazons from the planet Venus for use on prisoners on Transformation Island.  The Venus girdles are belts which, when locked, magically compel their wearers to obey any commands from others, and to banish evil thoughts from their wearers' minds.   However, some alien minds may be more resistant to their power than human minds.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #13)

TRANSFORMATION ISLAND: An island penal facility just off Paradise Island, employed by the Amazons to house female criminals and to reform them through "loving submission" and Venus girdles.  (1st app: WONDER WOMAN #3)

INFINITY, INC.: A band of young Earth-2 super-heroes, many of them offspring or proteges of the Justice Society of America.  They were formed in 1984 after the young heroes sought entrance into the JSA but were rejected on various grounds.  Three younger members of the JSA joined the group, but the Huntress returned to the JSA and Power Girl only retains a semi-active membership.  Their active members include Star-Spangled Kid, Brainwave, Jr., Fury, Northwind, Jade, Nuklon, Obsidian, Silver Scarab, Hourman II, Dr. Midnight, and Wildcat II.  (1st app: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #25)

Meta: A Force of Four, part 3

HILLSDALE: The hometown of Lois Lane Kent.

THE WIZARD (William Asmodeus Zard): Earth-2 super-villain, member and leader of the Injustice Society.  A former criminal gunman, he went to Tibet after his release from prison, studied the mystic arts there, and returned to America as a super-criminal sorceror.   He fought the Justice Society at first alone, and then in the company of the Injustice Society, which he organized.  He has remained a nemesis of the JSA from the 1940's onward, and, on one occasion, succeeded in giving Clark Kent long-lasting amnesia about his Superman identity.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #34)

THE SPECTRE (Jim Corrigan): Earth-2 super-hero, ghost, and founding member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron.  Police detective Jim Corrigan was slain by Gat Benson and his mob, but was allowed to return to Earth as an avenging spirit with staggering powers.  Corrigan used these powers to rescue his endangered fiancé Clarice and to capture Benson.  He subsequently adopted the secret identity of the Spectre to battle crime and supernatural evil.  The Spectre was later allowed to revive the body of Jim Corrigan and use it as his sanctuary, thus making Corrigan and the Spectre two distinct but related entities.  The Spectre's powers are the greatest of any JSA member, perhaps greater than all the JSA combined, and seem bound only by his own great imagination, but he is not omnipotent and has been disciplined by The Voice for brutality.  At times, he has been known to kill criminals--sometimes with incredible viciousness and invention--though it has been speculated that most of these actions are the doings of an "Earth-1" Spectre.  This mystery has not yet been solved.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #52)

JOHNNY THUNDER: Earth-2 super-hero, member of the Justice Society, founding member of the All-Star Squadron.  Johnny Thunder was kidnapped by the Bahdinsians while in infancy and given a magic zodiac belt which, on his seventh birthday, gave him the power to summon and command a magic thunderbolt whenever he said the words "Cei-U", pronounced "Say you".  He was returned to his parents and, during his 22nd year, first started (unwittingly) using the Thunderbolt's power.  Johnny was easily the dumbest of the Justice Society members, but made up for it with the Thunderbolt, which could do just about anything he ordered it to, except kill (which, of course, Johnny would never think of doing).    When his power lapsed thanks to the machinations of the Bahdinsians' high priest, he resigned from the JSA and was replaced by his friend, the original Black Canary.  Later he regained full command of his Thunderbolt, and returned to the JSA in 1963 in the Vandal Savage incident.  (1st app: FLASH COMICS #1)

STARMAN (Ted Knight): Earth-2 super-hero, member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron, nephew of the late Sen. Henry Knight, cousin of the Earth-2 / Earth-X Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight), husband of the late Doris Lee Knight, and father of one son.  Ted Knight, a millionaire playboy and astronomer, fashioned a Gravity Rod which tapped stellar radiation to enable him to fly.  He was inspired by his cousin Sandra's guise as the Phantom Lady to try a  crime-fighting identity of his own, and became the Starman.  Later he improved his Gravity Rod into a Cosmic Rod with powers similar to Green Lantern's ring, but with a scientific basis.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #61)

SHEOL: The Kryptonian word for Hell, similar to the Hebrew word for the grave.
SARGON THE SORCEROR (John Sargent): Master magican, former member of the All-Star Squadron.  John Sargent was the son of archaeologist Richard Biddle Sargent, who found the Ruby of Life in an excavation and gave it to his wife as a gift.  The ruby was the first thing that the infant John saw, thus fulfilling a prophecy that gave him command of its vast mystic powers.  He became a stage magician to conceal his true power while battling crime and mystic evil.  One of his foes, the Blue Lama, later became his lover for a time and bore a child, possibly unknown to Sargon.  He later emigrated to Earth-One where he became a villain for a time before returning to heroics.  Sargon was one of the sorcerors John Constantine used in his seance to monitor the Dark, and died when the Dark's power immolated him.  (1st app: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #26)

BLUE LAMA: An evil sorceress with blue skin who fought Sargon the Sorceror on a number of occasions, before having a love affair with him that produced a normal-skinned male child.  (1st app: SENSATION COMICS #68)

BATMAN (Bruce Wayne): Late Earth-2 costumed hero, founding member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron, former mentor of Robin, partner of Superman, husband to the late Catwoman (Selina Kyle), father of the Huntress (Helena Wayne).  After seeing his parents gunned down by holdup man Joe Chill, 8-year-old Bruce Wayne vowed to devote his life to making war on criminals.  He trained his body and mind to perfection and was inspired by the sight of a bat to adopt the costumed identity of the Batman.  He began his career in 1939, took on Dick Grayson as his partner Robin in 1940, and fought numerous foes, among which was the Catwoman, whom he married in the early 1950's after her reformation.  Selina Kyle, the ex-Catwoman, bore Bruce a daughter, Helena, but died of an accidental fall when a former associate blackmailed her into helping him on a heist.  Batman renounced his costumed identity after her death and became the police commissioner of Gotham City.  He later died in combat with a pawn of sorceror Frederick Vaux, not knowing his daughter had become the Huntress.  (1st app: DETECTIVE COMICS #27)

THE THUNDERBOLT: A pink, lightning-shaped magical being who obeys (however grudgingly) the commands of his master, Johnny Thunder.  Though once described as a "grade-3 sorceror" by Dr. Fate, the Thunderbolt's powers are of incredible scope.  (1st app: FLASH COMICS #1)

HOURMAN (Rex Tyler): Earth-2 super-hero, founding member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron, former member of the Freedom Fighters,  husband of Wendi Harris and father of Hourman II, a member of Infinity, Inc.  Rex Tyler developed a chemical called Miraclo which, when taken in pill form, gave him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and resistance to injury for an hour.  The original pills proved addictive and with harmful side-effects, but he replaced them with a "Miraclo ray" of his own devising.  Later, he developed non-addictive Miraclo pills.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #48)

STARHEART: An object of great magic power, formed by the Guardians of the Universe of Earth-One and sent to the Earth-Two universe, which became the source of the Earth-2 Green Lantern's power.  (1st app: GREEN LANTERN (2nd series) #111)

HAWKMAN (Carter Hall): Earth-2 super-hero, husband of Hawkgirl, father of  Silver Scarab, founding member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron.  Carter Hall is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince, Khufu, who was once slain by Hath-Set, evil priest of the god Anubis.  He learned in a dream of his former existence as Khufu, met Shiera Sanders, the modern incarnation of Khufu's lover, and encountered Hastor, the new embodiment of Hath-Set.   Hall employed a gravity-defying belt of "ninth" (nth) metal, a pair of great wings, and a hawk-headed, costumed disguise as Hawkman to defeat Hastor and rescue Shiera.   Shiera later became his costumed partner as Hawkgirl and married him in 1951.  Years later, they had a son, Hector, who became the Silver Scarab and helped found Infinity, Inc.  (1st app: FLASH COMICS #1)

HAWKGIRL (Shiera Sanders hall): Earth-2 super-heroine, wife of Hawkman, mother of Silver Scarab, member of the All-Star Squadron and Justice Society.  Shiera Sanders is the modern incarnation of an ancient Egyptian woman, also named Shiera, who was the lover of Prince Khufu, the prior incarnation of Carter Hall.  When Shiera was endangered by Hastor, the latest version of their ancient foe, Hall became Hawkman to save her.  Shiera first became Hawkgirl when Hawkman gave her a costume similar to his own, equipped with ninth-metal belt and wings, to wear to a costume party.  She became involved in crime-fighting during the incident and, regardless of Hawkman's initial disapproval, continued to do so.  She finally became Hawkman's acknowledged partner and married him after the breakup of the Justice Society in 1951.  She served in the All-Star Squadron but has only recently been admitted to the JSA.  Her son by Carter Hall, Hector, became the Silver Scarab and helped found Infinity, Inc. (1st app: FLASH COMICS #1)

DR. MID-NITE (Dr. Charles McNider): Earth-2 super-hero, member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron.  Dr. Charles McNider was blinded by a bomb hurled by thugs from the Killer Maroni gang while treating a witness against the gangster.  He discovered later that he could see perfectly well at night, but was blind during the daytime.  McNider devised special goggles to allow him to see at night or in daytime, adopted the identity of Dr. Mid-Nite, and captured Maroni.  He went on to become a crime-writer in his civilian life, but practices medicine as a consultant.  (1st app: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #25)

RED TORNADO I (Abigail Mathilda Hunkel): A housewife who was inspired by the Green Lantern to fight neighborhood crime.  She dressed in long red underwear, put a pot over her head, and used her considerable brawn to keep things in order in her section of town.  The original Red Tornado only appeared briefly during the Justice Society's first formal meeting and was never an actual member.  (1st app: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #3)

RED TORNADO II (John Smith):  An android member of the Justice League and former Justice Society member, the Red Tornado was created when criminal scientist T. O. Morrow infused an alien being known as the Tornado Champion into an artificial body he had created, in order to actuate a plot against the two Justice teams.  The Red Tornado rebelled against his creator and became a JSA member, later coming to Earth-1 and joining the Justice League.  The Red Tornado is capable of rotating his body parts at hyper-speed and, with the Tornado Champion's power, creating powerful air vortices.  For a short time during the Crisis, he was disassembled and the Tornado Champion almost went wild, but the Justice League managed to reassemble his body and get him safely back within it.  (1st app: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #64)

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: Large band of super-heroes from Earth-One who teamed together to stave off an alien invasion.  Their numbers include Superman, Batman, Aquaman, the Atom, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Wonder Woman, the Phantom Stranger, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Black Canary, Firestorm, the Elongated Man, and Zatanna.  The Flash of Earth-1 is a former member.  (1st app: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28)

MR. TERRIFIC (Terry Sloane): Late Earth-2 costumed hero, member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron.  Terry Sloane was a child prodigy who excelled at almost everything, but was bored and contemplated suicide because nothing was a challenge to him.  Ironically, he saved a girl from suiciding herself, learned her brother and other boys were being led astray by a hood named Big Shot, and created the costumed identity of Mr. Terrific, bearing the legend FAIR PLAY on his midriff, to show up Big Shot and steer the youths to the right path.  Mr. Terrific served briefly in the Forties as an All-Star Squadron and JSA member, becoming a bit more active when the team was revived in the 1960's.  In 1979, he was killed by an old enemy, the Spirit King.  (1st app: SENSATION COMICS #1)

BLACK CANARY I (Dinah Drake Lance): Late Earth-2 costumed heroine, member of the Justice Society, wife of the late Larry Lance and mother of Black Canary II (Dinah Lance).  Dinah Drake was the daughter of a police detective who trained her to the peak of physical and mental perfection, hoping she would become a policewoman, but her application was turned down.  Her father subsequently died and Dinah became a florist, but was inspired by costumed "mystery-men" to create a secret identity for herself, as the Black Canary.  At first she robbed other criminals, pretending to be a criminal, but soon met Johnny Thunder and revealed that she was actually a crime-fighter.  She aided the Justice Society in several cases before becoming a full member.   Dinah met private eye Larry Lance during her heroic career and married him after the JSA disbanded in the early Fifties.  They had a daughter named Dinah, who was cursed by the Wizard with a destructive "canary cry" and sent by Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt to his home dimension to live in suspended animation.   The Thunderbolt erased her existence from all human minds, including her parents'.  Later, in 1963, the Black Canary rejoined the reformed Justice Society and aided them on numerous cases after that.  In 1969, both she and Larry Lance perished during the Justice League's and Justice Society's battle against Aquarius.  She passed on her memories to her now-grown daughter, who was brought by Superman out of the Thunderbolt Dimension.  For many years, both she and the other heroes of the League and Society thought she was the original Black Canary, until they finally leaned the truth in the 1980's.  (1st app: FLASH COMICS #86)

THE SANDMAN (Wesley Dodds): Costumed hero, founding member of the Justice Society and the All-Star Squadron.  Wesley Dodds was a playboy who thought his life was lacking direction, till he saw the king and queen of England endangered at the 1939 New York World's Fair by the Phantom of the Fair and, so he thought, by the new hero, the Crimson Avenger.  He was inspired by the phrase "the sands of time" to become the Sandman, and used guns equipped with sleeping gas to overcome his foes, concealing his identity behind a gas-mask.  He later wore a gold-and-purple costume designed by Dian Belmont, who had recently died impersonating the Sandman on a case, and took on a kid partner, Sandy Hawkins, aka Sandy the Golden Boy.  After Sandy was changed into a monster by a scientific mishap, the Sandman tore up his new costume and went back to his original outfit, but was forced out of crime-fighting for some years by a heart attack.  He returned to action in 1967 with a device that changed sand into various shapes, and finally succeeded in restoring Sandy to normalcy.  Another stroke has curtailed his crime-fighting career, perhaps forever.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #40)

WILDCAT (Ted Grant): Costumed Earth-2 hero, member of the Justice Society of America and the All-Star Squadron.  Ted Grant was trained by supercoach Joe Morgan to physical perfection, and soon afterwards employed it to help save champion boxer Socker Smith from muggers.  Smith trained Grant himself as a professional boxer, and Grant was soon scheduled to face Smith in a title fight.  But Smith had been doped by his crooked managers, and fell dead in the ring of an overdose.  Grant was framed for the crime, but was inspired by a kid's talk of Green Lantern to adopt the costumed identity of Wildcat, force the truth from Smith's managers, and bring them to justice.  He continued to fight crime as Wildcat, serving in the All-Star Squadron and in the Justice Society, before suffering a crippling injury during the Crisis on Infinite Earths that shattered his legs.  He is at present an inactive member of the Justice Society.  (1st app: SENSATION COMICS #1)

FURY (Hippolyta (Lyta) Trevor): Earth-2 superheroine, founding member of Infinity, Inc., daughter of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, granddaughter of Queen Hippolyte.  Lyta Trevor inherited much of her mother's fabled strength and speed, but came to loggerheads with her mother when she wanted to assume a superheroic identity before finishing college.  With the help of her friend and later lover, Hector Hall, she fashioned the costume and identity of Fury.  After being rejected by the JSA for membership, Fury joined other young heroes in forming Infinity, Inc. (1st app: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #25)

Part 4:

HARLEQUIN (Molly Mayne Scott): Costumed heroine, former villainess and member of the Injustice Society of the World, now the wife of Green Lantern.  Molly Mayne, secretly Alan Scott's secretary, sought to capture the attention of the Green Lantern by becoming a costumed crook.  She was armed with a mandolin full of gimmicks and illusion-creating glasses.  Later she was recruited by the FBI, infiltrated the Injustice Society, and became an ally of Green Lantern's.  Finally, in the 1980's, she married Alan Scott.  Intro: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #89.

APHRODITE: Greek goddess of love, and patron of the Amazons.

Part 5:

NUKLON (Albert Rothstein): Superhero and member of Infinity, Inc.  Albert Rothstein is the son of Terri Rothstein, who was irradiated by Cyclotron's radiation, and has the mutant powers of increasing his height, super-strength, and decreasing his mass to make himself virtually immaterial.  Intro: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #25.

JADE (Jennie-Lynn Hayden): Superheroine and member of Infinity, Inc.  Jade is the daugher of Green Lantern and the late Thorn.  A green birthmark on her hand, her "power-pulse", emits green energies similar to that in Green Lantern's ring, giving her similar powers.  She is the sister of Obsidian.  Intro: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #25.

OBSIDIAN (Todd Rice): Superhero and member of Infinity, Inc.  Obsidian is the son of Green Lantern and the late Thorn.  He has the power to become a "living shadow", negating his body mass if he so chooses, and can engulf an opponent and cause him to experience great fear.  He is the brother of Jade.  Intro: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #25.

SILVER SCARAB (Hector Hall): Superhero and member of Infinity, Inc.  Hector Hall is the son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.  While in college, he designed a suit of the Nth Metal that allowed Hawkman and Hawkgirl to defy gravity.  The suit allows him to fly and use energy-blasts.  Intro: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #25.

NORTHWIND: Superhero and member of Infinity, Inc.  Northwind is the son of Fred Cantrell, a human, and Osoro, a bird-woman from the hidden kingdom of Feitheira.  Northwind possesses wings that enable him to fly.  Intro: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #25.

BRAINWAVE, JR. (Hank King, Jr.): Superhero and member of Infinity, Inc.  Brainwave, Jr. is the son of the Brain Wave, one of the JSA's greatest foes, and Merry Pemberton, aka Merry, Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks, the sister of the Star-Spangled Kid; both his parents are deceased.  He has the mutant powers of telepathy, telekinesis, illusion-casting, and brain-energy blasts.  Intro: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #24.

KOEHAHA (aka STREAM OF RUTHLESSNESS).  A river whose waters have the mystic power to remove all good impulses from those who "drown" in it, causing them to become evil.  In the 1940's, the Justice Society had to fight several people who became villains after being immerses in Koehaha.  In 1983, Infinity, Inc. had to fight the Justice Society after several members of the latter were "drowned" in it by the Ultra-Humanite.  Intro: ALL-STAR COMICS #36.

DR. MIDNIGHT (Dr. Beth Chapel): Superheroine and member of Infinity, Inc.  After being blinded by exploding oxygen tanks at a hospital, Beth Chapel was given a special ocular implant surgically by Dr. Charles McNider, aka Dr. Mid-Nite.  As a result, she can see in darkness, though her eyes are too sensitive to light to be able to operate easily during daytime.  After helping Hourman II battle some Shadow-Demons, Beth Chapel decided to create the costume and identity of Dr. Midnight.  She later joined Infinity, Inc.  Intro: INFINITY, INC. #19.

HOURMAN II (Rick Tyler): Superhero and member of Infinity, Inc.  Rick Tyler is the son of Hourman and Wendi Tyler.  He gains hour-long super-strength abilities from taking one of his father's Miraclo pills.  Intro: INFINITY, INC. #20.

WILDCAT II (Yolanda Montez): Superheroine and member of Infinity, Inc.  Yolanda Montez is the daughter of a woman given strange treatments during pregnancy by a man called Dr. Love.  As a result, she was born with the power to extrude and retract catlike claws from her hands, and had catlike agility and leaping ability as well.  When the first Wildcat, who was a friend and former opponent of her boxer father, was badly injured in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, she created a similar costume to become the second Wildcat.  Later, she was admitted into Infinity, Inc.  Intro: INFINITY, INC. #12.

JONNI THUNDER: A female detective with the ability to release a "living lightning bolt", female in appearance, from her body.  She gained the power from a strange Inca statuette entrusted to her late father.  Jonni is not a formal member of any superhero group, but has worked once with the Star-Spangled Kid.  Intro: JONNI THUNDER #1.

FIRESTORM: See Hellsister meta.

PAULA VON GUNTHER: Amazon and former German spy.  Paula Von Gunter, the widow of Baron Gottfried Von Gunther and mother of Gerta Von Gunter, was formerly a Gestapo agent assigned to spy duties in America, as well as being a brilliant scientist.  The Nazis forced her compliance by threatening to kill her daughter.  After numerous encounters with Wonder Woman, Paula reformed when the Amazon and her friend Etta Candy freed Gerta Von Gunther from the Reich.  Now a permanent resident of Paradise Island, like her daughter.  Intro: SENSATION COMICS #4.

GERTA VON GUNTHER: Amazon and daughter of Paula Von Gunther.  Like her mother, she is a permanent resident of Paradise Island.  Gerta's mother was forced to work as a Gestapo spy or see her daughter killed, but Gerta was liberated from the Nazis by Wonder Woman and Etta Candy.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #3.

ROBOT PLANE: A transparent plane, made of Amazonian metal, which serves as Wonder Woman's vehicle.  Intro: ALL-STAR COMICS #8.

Part 6:

TRANSFORMATION ISLAND: An isle just off Paradise Island, where the Amazons keep their prisoners in Venus Girdles which usually, in time, reform them.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #3.

VENUS GIRDLES: Belts from the planet Venus, fashioned from Aphrodite's gold, which are unbreakable when locked and which compel their wearers to obey orders given to them and banish thoughts of evil deeds from their minds.  The Amazons use Venus girdles to restrain and reform prisoners on Transformation Island.  Intro: ALL-STAR COMICS #13.

Part 8:

RONALD REAGAN: President of the United States during most of the 1980's, in which era this story is set.

EVIL STAR (Guy Pompton): A masked racketeer who terrorized Stellar Studios in Hollywood (later owned by the Star-Spangled Kid) until the Justice Society captured him.  Intro: ALL-STAR COMICS #44.

MARS: Greek god of war, and enemy of Aphrodite and Wonder Woman.  During and after World War II, he worked against her directly, or through his lieutenants, Lord Conquest, the Duke of Deception, and the Earl of Greed.  He resides on the planet Mars.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #1.

PURPLE RAY: A device created by Wonder Woman which, when trained on living beings, can cure their illnesses or infirmities (and, in one case, brought recently murdered JSA members back from the dead).  In the wrong hands, it can be altered into a deadly weapon.  Intro: ALL-STAR COMICS #8.

Part 9:

CRIME CHAMPIONS: A team of super-villains from Earth-1 and Earth-2 whose headquarters was situated in the limbo between Earths.  They were the first villains to face both the Justice League and Justice Society together. Their membership included the Icicle, the Wizard, the Fiddler, Felix Faust, Chronos, and Dr. Alchemy.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #21.

IAN KARKULL: Criminal scientist who invented a device that could turn people into living shadows.  At first he clashed with (and was defeated by) Dr. Fate.  Later, in company with Fate's enemy Wotan and a group of super-villains, he attacked the Justice Society and attempted to murder several men who later went on to become United States presidents.  Karkull was destroyed by Dr. Fate and the Spectre, but the temporal energy he had stolen from others was released into the bodies of the JSA members present, retarding their aging processes greatly.  Intro: MORE FUN COMICS #69.

BADHINSIANS: The tribe which gave Johnny Thunder his Thunderbolt.  Intro: FLASH COMICS #1.

DAN RIVERS: A con-man and faker who posed as "Swami Riva" to hoodwink people with a phony spiritualist racket.  He was the first to discover the effects of Kryptonite on Superman when he used a fragment of it as a "jewel" in his turban.  Intro: SUPERMAN #61.

ATOMAN (Heinrich Melch): A super-villain with strength approaching Superman's, who was able to weaken the Man of Steel with Kryptonite radiation from his body.  Atoman is the son of a Nazi scientist who gave him his powers through an injection of Kryptonite serum.  Though Nazi Germany surrendered the day after he got his powers, Atoman later went to America to battle Superman, and, decades later, emerged on Earth-One to fight that world's Superman and Batman.  Intro: WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #271.  (Actually introduced on the Superman radio show.)

FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE: Superman's secret headquarters, built into the side of a huge mountain in New York State.  Intro: SUPERMAN #17.

EVILESS: A "ruthless woman slave driver" from the planet Saturn who worked for Duke Mephisto Saturno and was defeated in several encounters by Wonder Woman.  Member of Villainy, Incorporated.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #10.

THE CHEETAH (Priscilla Rich): Supervillainess and enemy of Wonder Woman.  The Cheetah is part of Priscilla Rich's split personality, which arises due to her extreme jealousy of the Amazon.  Clad in a feline outfit, the Cheetah has no super-powers but is extremely agile and deadly.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #6.

THE PUZZLER: A ruthless villain who uses games and various puzzles as a crime motif.  He battled Superman on several occasions.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #49.

THE LIGHTNING MASTER: An evil scientist and costumed villain who employs a device that can hurl great bolts of electricity, enough to stagger Superman.  Intro: SUPERMAN #14.

Part 11:

SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY: Superhero team of the 1940's, formed when the criminal known as the Hand challenged them to foil a multiple-crime plot of his devising.  Their membership included Green Arrow, Speedy, the Star-Spangled Kid, Stripesy, the Shining Knight, and the deceased Crimson Avenger and Wing.  They were sent through time to various eras in the 1950's after fighting the Nebula-Man, but were recovered and brought to Earth-2 of the 1970's by the Justice League and Justice Society.  Now known as the Law's Legionnaires.  Intro: LEADING COMICS #1.

SHINING KNIGHT (Sir Justin):   Superhero and member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and All-Star Squadron.  Sir Justin was a knight of King Arthur's court who accidentally released Merlin from captivity within a tree and was mystically gifted with bulletproof armor, an enchantment on his sword, and wings on his horse, which enabled it to fly.  Sir Justin and his horse, Winged Victory, were frozen into suspended animation in an avalanche of ice, but were restored to mobility in the 20th Century by a museum curator.  The Knight and Winged Victory went on to fight crooks and Nazis in the 1940's and, after the Nebula-Man incident, were taken forward in time to the 1970's.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #66.

 GREEN ARROW (Oliver Queen): Superhero and member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and All-Star Squadron.  A wealthy collector of Indian artifacts, he and a boy named Roy Harper once held off a gang of crooks with bows and arrows and later decided to become a costumed archer for justice, as the Green Arrow.  (Roy, as Speedy, became his partner.)  After the Nebula-Man incident, Green Arrow and Speedy were taken forward in time to the 1970's.  Intro: MORE FUN COMICS #73.

SPEEDY (Roy Harper): Superhero and member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and All-Star Squadron.  Roy Harper learned archery from the Indian servant of his deceased father.  After helping Oliver Queen stand off a group of crooks intent on finding Queen's "gold mine", he joined Oliver as the Green Arrow's younger partner, Speedy.  After the Nebula-Man incident, Speedy was drawn forward in time to the 1970's.  Intro: MORE FUN COMICS #73.

THE VIGILANTE (Greg Sanders): Superhero and member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the All-Star Squadron.  Greg Sanders is a country and western singer whose sheriff father was killed by bandits out West.  To avenge his father's death and nab the murderers, Greg adopted Western clothes and a bandanna mask, riding a motor-scooter and using guns and a lariat against his foes as the Vigilante.  (There are also two Earth-One Vigilantes, one of whom is a younger counterpart of the Earth-2 Vigilante.)   He was yanked forward into the 1970's as a result of the Nebula-Man incident.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #42.

STRIPESY (Pat Dugan): Superhero and member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and All-Star Squadron.  Dugan, the Pemberton family's chauffeur and auto mechanic, joined Sylvester Pemberton as half of the costumed crime-fighting team of the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy after hearing Nazi Bund members demonstrate at a movie house and one patron's response that he wished the Stars and Stripes could come to life and punish the malefactors.  Stripesy built the Star-Rocket Racer vehicle that he and the Kid used, and which, in modified form, the Kid uses today.  He was yanked forward into the 1970's during the Nebula-Man incident and has one son, Mikey, by a now-deceased wife.  Intro: STAR-SPANGLED COMICS #1.

CRIMSON AVENGER (Lee Travis): Superhero  and member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and All-Star Squadron.  Lee Travis, a newspaper publisher who had fought in the Spanish Civil War against the Fascists, came back to America in 1938 and was inspired by the motto on a cigarette lighter--"The Avenger will come" in Latin--to become a masked crime-fighter when a gang of hoods capitalized on the confusion caused by Orson Welles's Halloween broadcast of "The War of the Worlds".  At first he merely wore a business suit, but later switched to a costume.  His partner was named Wing, and is now deceased.  He was yanked forward in time during the Nebula-Man incident and later died when a barge of explosives he was piloting away from New York City blew up.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #20.

WING: Superhero, member of the All-Star Squadron, and unofficial member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.  Wing was a Chinese immigrant who served as chauffeur to Lee Travis, and who later joined him as a masked crimefighter when Travis became the Crimson Avenger.  He adopted a costume at the same time the Avenger did, and, years afterward, gave his life to save Earth-2 from the Nebula-Man.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #20.

JOANIE QUICK (Joanie Belle Lawrence Chambers): Granddaughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, endowed with her grandfather's great speed.  Intro: this story.

JOHNNY QUICK (Johnny Chambers): Superhero and member of the All-Star Squadron, husband of Liberty Belle and grandfather of Joanie Quick.  Johnny Chambers gained super-speed from a "magic speed formula" found in the tomb of King Amen and passed on to him by Professor Gill.  He can also use his powers to fly.  Intro: MORE FUN COMICS #71.

LIBERTY BELLE (Libby Belle Lawrence): Superheroine and member of the All-Star Squadron, wife of Johnny Quick, grandmother of Joanie Quick.  She is a descendant of Miss Liberty, a masked Revolutionary War heroine, and became a costumed heroine herself after her father was killed in 1939 by a Nazi air attack.  When the Liberty Bell is rung, the sympathetic vibrations of a small bell in her belt energize her, though not to superhuman levels.  Intro: BOY COMMANDOES #1.

MATT MUNRO: Grandson of "Iron" Munro of the Young All-Stars and great-grandson of Hugo Danner.  Matt Munro's super-strength, speed, and resistance to bodily harm is the result of his great-great-grandfather Abednego Danner's secret formula which was administered in vitro to Hugo.  Intro: This story.

"IRON" MUNRO (Arn Munro): Member of the Young All-Stars, son of Hugo Danner.  Arn Munro was the product of a liason between superhuman Hugo Danner and a normal woman.  He had super-strength, super-speed, and resistance to bodily harm, like his father.  He passed along his powers to his grandson Matt, but his status at present is unknown.  Intro: YOUNG ALL-STARS #1.

YOUNG ALL-STARS: A group of teenage heroes formed during World War II to aid the All-Star Squadron against the Axis.  Their membership included Iron Munro, the Flying Fox, Neptune Perkins, Tsunami, Dan the Dyna-Mite, and the Tigress (later known as the Huntress).  The group was dissolved before the War's end.  Intro: YOUNG ALL-STARS #1.

AQUAMAN III (Jules Curry): Superhero and grandson of Aquaman I.  His aquatic powers are the same as that of his father and grandfather.  First appearance: This story.

NATALIA PERKINS: Superheroine and granddaughter of Neptune Perkins and Tsunami. She inherited the water-manipulating powers of her grandmother and her grandfather's aquatic powers.  Intro: this story.

TSUNAMI (Miya Shimada): Superheroine and member of the Young All-Stars.  Tsunami is a mutant with the power to telekinetically create and control tidal waves and to breathe underwater.  She also has super-strength and speed.  Originally she worked for the Japanese during World War II in protest of the treatment of her people in America, but later joined the Allies.  She is the wife of Neptune Perkins and grandmother of Natalia Perkins.  Intro: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #33.

JOAN GARRICK: Wife of the Flash.  Intro: FLASH COMICS #1.

MARY PRATT: Wife of the Atom.  Intro: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #19.

INZA NELSON: Wife of Dr. Fate.  Intro: MORE FUN COMICS #56.

SANDY (Sandy Hawkins): Superhero and member of the All-Star Squadron.  Sandy was an orphan who created a costume in imitiation of his hero, the Sandman, and soon became his partner.  Years later, a failed experiment of the Sandman's turned Sandy into a silicon-based monster with the power to cause earthquakes.  The Sandman stopped his rampage and placed him in suspended animation for decades.  Later, Sandy emerged still monstrous but sane, and was later restored to his normal appearance, though he retained his earthquake powers.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #69.

Part 12:

DUKE OF DECEPTION: One of Mars's lieutenants, who can assume the form of anyone he chooses by inhabiting an ectoplasmic shell.  Father of the villainess Lya.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #2.

EARL OF GREED: One of Mars's lieutenants, who can travel invisibly in an "astral body".  Intro:  WONDER WOMAN #2.

LORD CONQUEST: One of Mars's lieutenants, who is personally credited with spurring on Mussolini and Hitler on his master's behalf.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #2.

PHANTOM ZONE: See Hellsister meta.

JAX-UR: See Hellsister meta.

FAORA HU-UL: A Kryptonian murderess and mistress of horu-kanu, the deadliest Kryptonian martial art.  Enemy of Superman and Supergirl.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #471.

JUSTICE ALLIANCE: An umbrella organization of super-hero groups, including the Justice Society, the Law's Legionnaires, Infinity, Inc., and several independent heroes, similar to the wartime All-Star Squadron.  Intro: This story.

PROFESSOR INDIANA JONES: Famed archaeologist and adventurer of the 1930's.  Intro: RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (movie).